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Marian Duven is an ex-lawyer and multi-gifted curious human who reinvented herself into an award-winning photographer and a transformational trauma-informed mentor. She mixes all of her gifts into one powerful practice to efficiently guide individuals & couples into their hearts and into conquering their limiting subconscious patterns so they can manifest a more real, authentic and vibrant relationship with themselves, others and the world around them. Her unique & human approach led her to earn many awards & recognitions during her artistic career, which she later infused with energy work, coaching & many other healing modalities. She is also a Master Subconscious Healer, an NLP Practitioner, a Certified Heartmath Resiliency Coach, an Ice-bath & Breathwork Certified Facilitator, a Certified Laughter Yoga Professional & a Queen Manifester. She speaks fluent Italian, English & Spanish. She was born and raised in Venezuela but holds Swiss citizenship, which she acquired after spending almost half of her life in this land. She is together with Jürgen, with whom they also coach couples and individuals into building radically committed & compassionate relationships. She is based in Bali, Indonesia. 

She believes that educating individuals into a new compassionate way of relating and helping them heal from childhood and generational trauma is at the root of a new wave of increased peace on this planet.


The Sparkling Shoot Method is my own approach to creating a very heartfelt and joyful transformational experience for all mindful leaders on this planet who are ready to step up. I don't consider myself a photographer, although I am an amazing one (with lots of years of experience and awards behind my back), but a healer with a camera in her vast box of transformational tools. The purpose of my photoshoots is not to have only photos taken for your website, but to polish your soul, mind and body, to help you gain crystal clear clarity on your mission so that only then, we can imprint that powerful YOU into photos - ones that will breathe your raw essence and power, pure magnets that will pull your ideal clients into your field. 

If you'd like to know more, feel free to connect with me and schedule a complimentary call. I would love to walk you through the whole experience while getting to know more about you!

Relax, Have fun, Feel.ENJOY.

Being photographed could make us feel too exposed and awkward. We don't know where to place our hands. We think we need to smile non-stop and make weird poses. It could feel intimidating for some. Trust me, I understand you. Because I have been there myself.

The good news is that I downloaded a new way. A more fun and powerful method to get images of the leader in you out into the world. A way that will take you first into addressing your blockages as a creator, so that you can embody the highest version of yourself not only in photos, but on your daily life. Thus, get ready to meet a different and upgraded version of yourself. To release lots of limiting beliefs, and tap stronger into the reason why you are on this planet. 

Every journey is unique, and divinely guided by your own needs, mission and vision. My purpose is to make you fall inlove with yourself, as the leader you came here to be, in full acceptance of your zones of light & shadow. No photoshop will be used, no body alterations will be needed. We will tweak your mindset together, so that you can finally see the amazingly beautiful human being that you are.

The two main biggest fears we face as human beings are, ironically: the fear of being seen, and the fear of not being seen. When we discover our gifts and we are ready to jump into a higher level of leadership, these fears come up strongly than ever. We feel that we need to show up in perfect form, and also, with a strong drive to shine and be seen, 24-7. We feel too much pressure and we just don't know how to harmonise these mind limitations, so we freeze & HIDE. What if there was a way out of this state? of these fears? Well, this is the first step we go through, even before we start planning your transformational photoshoot.

Embark ON A 


step 1

We start our
journey with a transformational session. We will activate your best self on a quantum level, get rid of your primary limiting beliefs and set a vision / goal for your photoshoot.


During your photoshoot, you will be guided into different vibrational spaces. We will use my own very powerful embodiment techniques so that you can feel at ease and in your full power! This is the most fun part of the process!


After receiving your photos, we will integrate the whole process on a  body/mind/soul level. We will create a master plan so that you can keep embodying the qualities of the leader you came here to be.


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"Dear Marian, Waaaauuuu!! Thank you so much for documenting our most beautiful day at the Black Forest!!! It was an amazing day for us and it was an honor to have you Marian as our wedding photographer!! We really love the pictures :-) We are speechless!!!! The pictures are gorgeous, lovely, brilliant!!!!! You did a great job! You caught all impressions from our most beautiful day! Thank you very much for everything!!!! It was so much fun!"


"We are speechless!!!! The pictures are gorgeous, lovely, 

Destination Wedding in the Black Forrest, Germany

"Dear Marian, Wow!!! We are speechless - so many wonderful pictures. The slideshow made me cry, so beautiful all these memories. It‘s really amazing, we are so happy to see these pictures!! We can‘t thank you enough for being our wedding photographer!"  

The slideshow made me crY"

"WOW!!! We are speechless - so many wonderful pictures.

 Wedding in Lausanne, Switzerland

"Dear Marian, thank you so much for your package. What a happiness to discover such beautiful pictures!
We watched the video with a lot of pleasure and emotion. We really wanted to thank you for your amazing work. The pictures are exactly what we wished, they are absolutely gorgeous! We are so happy to show them to our family, friends and in the future to our children. Such a beautiful souvenir of this Day. Thank You!"

"absolutely gorgeous!"

Wedding at Villa Principe Leopoldo, Lugano, Switzerland

"Grazie mille per le foto sono stupende! Sei davvero brava ! Complimenti... ogni volta che le guardo vedo un dettaglio in più... siamo davvero felici!"

"siamo davvero felici!!"

sandrina & MAtt 
Wedding in lake maggiore, italy

"Mil Gracias por esta sorpresa tan maravillosa!!!!!! Amamos todas las fotos... el video quedo espectacular!!!! que emocion yo no puedo parar de verlo jajajajaja y cada vez que lo veo lloro de alegria! En verdad un millon de gracias!"

"lloro de alegria!"

miguel & marisela 
wedding in miami, florida, usa

"THANK YOU for the amazing, wonderful, crazy beautiful pics !!!!!! 

They are just woooooooow!!!"

"They are just

vanessa & toby 
Wedding at castello di morcote, ticino, Switzerland

"Thank you for working with us 😊 it was such a magical day for us and to be able to see the moments you were able to capture, warms my heart. These memories will be forever represented in time and not only in our minds, which was what I wanted: a celebration of love - to relive ♥️
The video is a perfect way to showcase these gorgeous pictures. Thank you for your hard work."

"to see the moments you were able to capture, warms my heart"

frieda & andrea 
love session at parco scherrer, morcote, Switzerland

"I cannot thank you enough for being our wedding photographer, it's such a pleasure now that I'm seeing the pics I realize that choosing you is the second best decision I took (choose Assaf is number 1 haha ) no really Marian: Thank you thank you thank you."

"choosing you is the second best decision I took"

steph & assaf 
lebanese Wedding at grand hotel cadenabbia. 
lake como, italy

"che emozione vedere le tue stupende foto e lo slideshow. In particolare quest'ultimo mi fa piangere continuamente dall'emozione. Grazie di cuore per tutto! Sei davvero una persona d'oro."

"mi fa piangere continuamente dall'emozione"

julia & ale 
Wedding at castello di casiglio, erba, italy

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