May 17, 2018

Miami Engagement Session: A romantic winter walk on the warm Floridian coast with Pito & Dani

This is a moving love story.

I met Dani several years ago at a friend’s wedding. She was going through a separation and it was a very blue period. You know when you encounter a very hard time in your life and somehow you think it will never end? She was going through that.

I was married by the time it happened. And it moved me so much and so much wish things would go better for her. And then… her blue prince arrived and it was always by her side but she never noticed it until she healed completely by herself.

They were working side by side, for years. And it never crossed her mind, Pito would be the love of her life some years after. Then they fell inlove, day by day… and one day Pito asked her to be with him for the rest of his life.

When I saw them together for the first time, which was the day of their engagement session in Florida, I got inspired. I was coming out of a separation and going through¬† the same period Dani was going through when I met her. But thanks to the incredible¬† love stories I see weekend after weekend, I never lost hope. Dani and Pito were such a perfect example of total compatibility. It’s true that love is not perfect and that it should be fed everyday, and that it’s impossible to not encounter any problems… but I could sense such a perfect synergy between them!

As you may also know or deduct from the fact that I love weddings: I am a hopeless romantic. Thus, I was very inspired and moved by this beautiful love story, which I am about to show you.

Enjoy! XO



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