August 23, 2018

Lake Como Proposal Photographer: a very spicy Wedding Proposal in the Villa Melzi Gardens

I got an email from Suren about 3 months ago. He wanted to plan the most perfect proposal to ask the love of his life to get married, in no other place but the super romantic Villa Melzi Gardens in Lake Como!

I came up with different suggestions (thinking about where and how I would love to be asked to marry the next prince of my dreams, LOL).  And he really loved the idea of being immersed in a beautiful quiet park, just 5 minutes away by foot from the very majestic: Bellagio!.

So we planned a call and organised the surprise proposal; where I got to feel like paparazzi for the day. I felt so “James Bond” when I arrived to the scene last week, LOL. I was hiding behind trees and then pretending to be a tourist with the so-much-needed 2 cameras in hand.  And was more than ready to capture the special moment when they came walking from the ferry terminal.

Riya was so excited when Suren proposed she couldn’t even move. You could see from their eyes they really love each other! And the scene was perfect: at Villa Melzi’s tea house, with the lake in the background, and not many tourists since we did it as soon as the park opened. Then, I toured them around my favourite spots of the park and Bellagio and they loved my idea of having gelato…of course, who doesn’t!

I must mention, I had to find a “vegan-friendly” gelato shop in order to make them enjoy some of the best treasures that Italy is holding for you (GELATOOOO hahah). Thus,  after some walking we found out, almost all gelato shops in Italy had natural fruit flavours with no milk-added. As an Indian-vegan I must say is hard to tour Italy, but don’t get discouraged, it is not impossible. You can always find vegan friendly restaurants using the “Happy Cow App“.

Then, the hour was up, and we finished our session and I must say: 4 days after, when sending the photos I received this sweet message that really reminded me why I work as a photographer. It read:

“Marian this is so beautiful! Thank you so much for capturing this special moment in our lives. You’ve done such an amazing job! I appreciate everything that you have done! Riya was in tears while watching the video. She’s so happy with everything!”.

Yep… all I want is for my clients to FEEL and relive those beautiful moments, to the point they want to cry from gratefulness!

Mission accomplished 🙂

Thank you Riya and Suren! I wish you an amazing life together!



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