October 18, 2018

Lugano family photographer: a different family photography session walking around Lugano

This is the story of two unique souls united by birth. Sisters. Friends. Soulmates, celebrating unconditional love, while being photographed in Lugano, Switzerland… in front of my lucky lens!

I received an email some months ago from Lidia & Erica. Two super sweet twin sisters who live in the Swiss German region and wanted to organise an epic photoshoot in Ticino in order to celebrate their sisterhood!.  Thus, we spent some days coming back and forth and choosing the best locations and outfit colours. And we came up with the photographic story I am about to show you.

While working with them, I had so much fun too. We watched the sunset by the lake, danced, jumped, walked around the Ciani park in Lugano and then went to the LAC Museum close to Paradiso. We did our shoot but also our workout, LOL!

The best part of  this kind of  shoot, a hybrid between family and vacation photography, is that I get to meet so many amazing and diverse people with it. Plus, I get to show my clients the marvellous places where I spend my everyday life and guide them into discovering our hidden gems in the Swiss Italian region.

So, if you live in the Swiss German or French region and want to spend a different weekend in a sunnier place… why not come to Ticino, Switzerland and book a fun shoot with me?

Here are the sweetest twins: Lidia & Erica. Thank you girls for choosing me to document your souls!

Much love to you all,



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